2 Week Alignment  Yoga Course

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Gentle Hatha for Beginner

3 Ghantis - 3 Bhandas - 3 Locks -

Major Muscle groups

Hips/Back/Spine/Neck/Shoulders/ Chest/

Letting go of Mental & Emotional Stress 

Facing Acknowledging your Shadow Darkness is what makes us Whole 

When we SHINE our Consciousness on the past & Heal with Love Feelings are not meant to be understood or analysed ... rather

Felt by way of the Heart

Follow Your Feelings - Your Heart Your Soul - this is your Truth -

TRUST LOVE & the Soul wants what the Soul wants 

Truth Shall Set you Free of all the suffering

Forgive Yourself Love Your Self Heal Your Self


While empowering the Mind, Heart & Body with Vitality & LOVE Union

Earth - Wind - Fire

2 Week Alignment Yoga Challenge - Course 1

3 Bhandas - Surya Namaskara Classic -

Psoas Muscle of the Soul


Wind / Breath 

Fire / Control Power

Tantric Kriyas Active Meditations +5 Tibetan Rites - Course2

5 Tibetan Rites - Foundation of Youth & Longevity + Breath Works & Meditations for Abundance Love

Classes daily

Course 1 - Align Your Spine & Mind with the Divine
Course 2 - Tantra Kriya & 5 Tibetan Rites Course

Join Vanessa as she takes you Slowly & Consciously through the Major Muscles - through asana, pranayama, mudras, activating core muscles and Grounding you in this ever constant changing reality - Restoring Harmony & Balance to your Nervous & Endocrine Glandular systems.  A complete well rounded Yoga practice Monday - Saturday. - Europe & UK​

USAN mail us for more details.

What you will need for the course:

Good wifi connection along with the free Online Zoom application

Safe quiet space to practise yoga 

Cushions to sit on, yoga block (if you don't have use a big tin or plastic container) strap.

Body should be healthy - can't be in pain - if you are able to sit on the floor and stand up without using your hands - your body is capable.

Who this is for:

Yogis, beginners and yoga teachers alike.  If you are suffering from Psoas Muscle (the Muscle of the Soul)  fatigue, anxiety, stress, depressions, pre-menstrual stress, insomnia, nervous tensions, irregular breathing, mental disturbances restlessness, old Psoas muscles recovery and recovery from illness.  Post pregnancy - new mothers, sexual issues and imbalances.

Yoga Teachers & Yogis wishing to deepen there Yoga asana, pranayama, pratyahara, and more - of 8 Limbs of Yoga

Please contact Vanessa directly if you have any other questions, click the button below ... or if you are ready to GO FOR IT ... fill in the form below - Check and choose your times zones.



Module 1:

2 Week Alignment Yoga Course

U.S. $107 - 12 x90min Live Zoom Yoga Classes - 

90minutes Gentle Hatha Yoga - Beginners most welcome

12 90 minute Classes Yoga & videos $107 

Module 2:

b) 5 Tibetan Rits Meditations - Module 2 

90minutes Gentle Hatha Yoga - Beginners most welcome

12 90 minute Classes Yoga & videos $107 

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2 Week Alignment  Course

So what will we be doing … 

3 Major Muscle groups - 3 Bhandas & SELF-LOVE, learning to Listen & feel the subtle messages of the body … 

Incorporating them in 5 Key groups of Asana - from Warm Ups - covering the essential 16 Marmar - Adharas Chakra points - we are working on the Psychic Energy - Mental & Emotional - which express themselves as tensions in the body … I have changed the way I teach over the last 2,5 years ….After hurting my Psoas Muscle & Vagus Nerve.

I needed to change from being over flexible to learning to actually ACTIVATE the various correct muscles at different moments, movements & with the coupling of INHALE & EXHALE … Along with CONSCIOUS DIRECTION OF THE PRANA - ENERGY … Finding the Union within of your Animal Energy - Prana - Along with your Consciousness Apana.


Please NOTE … we are working with energy of feelings EMOTIONS & Mental thoughts & Attitudes (old stuff that is ready to be dealt with WILL come up … sooner or later). Right now everyone is going thru more or less anxieties about the future FEAR - F.uture.EventsAppearingReal


These Ghantis are were the Psychic energy gets knotted and BLOCKED … and the Kundalini cannot rise, until it can pierce thru these blocks (mental Illusion - truth & reality of who I am & the world around me)… & they are simply put … Released - thru Observations & Awareness of these resurfacing energies … This takes practise and great skill and is also known … as Meditation … to truly become Mindful of yourself and your shadow - unconscious actions/thoughts & feelings … Making them conscious without getting attached to them …. Self-Love & Self-Compassion.


1st. - Brahma Ghanti - Root - situated in Mooladhara chakra - symbolises attachment to possessions - body material objects. Associated with feelings of lethargy and ignorance and manifests as severe limitations in the ability to act.

2nd. - Vishnu Granthi - Situated in Anahata Chakara - symbolises attachments to people including friends and relatives.


3rd. - Rudra Granthi - situated in Ajna chakra symbolised attachment to psychic visions and powers (siddhis).


Kundalini cannot rise or continue to rise until the Ghantis are pierced or in other words, attachment is broken.  


The Guidelines Yogi Principles which will ease the Mind (fluctuations of old mental patterns reoccurring) to follow, along with this practise 

Yamas - Mindfully Harmonise your social interactions:

Ahimsa - non-violent -  thoughts/speech/actions

“In the presence of one firmly established in non-violence, all hostliest cease.” The Yoga Sutras ii:30

Satya - Truthfulness - “To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient.”~The Yoga Sutras ii:36

Asteya - Non-Stealing - “To One established in non-stealing, all wealth comes” ~The Yoga Sutras:37

Brahmacharya - Moderation - “By one established in continence, vigor is gained.” The Yoga Sutras ii:38

Aparigraha - Non-Greed or hoarding possessions.  -“When non-greed is confiremed, a thoruogh illumination of the how and why of one’s birth comes” ~ The Yoga Sutras ii:39


Niyamas - Mindfully Observe & Harmonise your feelings / emotions 

“Niyamas consist of purity, contentment, accepting but not causing pain, study of spirtu8al books and worship of God (Self-surrender) “ ~ The Yoga Sutras ii:32

Saucha - Cleanliness / Purity “By purification arises disgust for one’s own body and for contact with other bodies” YSii:40

“Moreover, one gains purity of sattva, cheerfulness of mind, one pointedness, mastery over the senses and fitness for the Self-realisation”~YS ii:41

Santosha - Contentment   when is enough ENOUGH “By Contentment, supreme Joy is gained” ~YSii:42

Tapas - Austerity / Self-Discipline - “By austerity, impurities of body and senses are destroyed and occult powers are gained” ~ YSii:43

Svadhyaya - Self-Study “By study of spiritual boos comes communion with ones chosen deity” ~ YSii:44

Ishvara Pranidhana - Surrender to God “Samedhi can be attained quickly through Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender to God - YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH in the DIVINE POWER) YSii:45


Together the Yamas & Niyamas reduce frictions between ones outer actions & ones inner attitudes. The Union of Mind-Body&Soul/Heart = YOGA


“2 Week Alignment Yoga Challenge”  -

12 Lessons - 90 minutes 6 days a week - Sundays REST - 2 weeks


“2 Week Tantric Active Kriya Meditations Course” 

12 Lessons - 90 minutes 6 days a week - Sundays REST - 2 weeks

2 Week Alignment Challenge 

First week will focus on Surya Classic - it is in the Sun Salutations where I healed breast lump/ cysts and cancer … They EMPOWER the 3 Power Centres.  Along with activating the Chakra Marma points expanding more energy consciously through the body, using breath sounds and movements.

2nd Week Surya Namaskara B - with some new modifications.  Also I have got some new techniques on some basic arm balances - crow, which I am sure you will enjoy … when you see the SIMPLICITY of it.

The 2nd series - 2 Week Tantric Kriya Meditation - we will do both Surya we have mastered in the previous, and perfect our 5 Tibetan rites (working on the senses and first 5 chakras which create the ego)

These lessons are scripted by me and I have tested and trusted the methods over the last 18 months especially… I can honestly happily say WOW … for people who had fused closed hips and shoulder and neck issues … with breath and more slower conscious movements … Everything Changes!

The Last few segments is very advanced practise of Moolhbhanda and we need to first practise the first 2 segments mindfully, compassionately, carefully and considerately… once you have a clearer understanding of your Moolhbhanda & the 3 various of muscle locks in you ROOT Chakra area… we will be able to take it deeper.

Practise makes perfect...  don’t want to rush the Mastery of Moolhabhanda basics.  

Enjoy the ride ... see you on the other side




Anahata Yoga Shala