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Anahata Yoga Shala - Haad Yao Beach - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Anahata Yoga Shala
Sandy Bay Resort Haad Yao Beach
Koh Phangan Thailand

Breathe, Believe, Trust & Receive
Align Your Spine with the Divine


Anahata, the fourth of the seven main chakras, is located at the heart center of the chest.

Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, IAST: Anāhata, English: "unstruck") or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions.


In Sanskrit, anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten". Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound (the sound of the celestial realm). Anahata is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity.  "That which cannot be broken "  referring to the Energy of the Soul & yet paradoxically the Heart in its physical form is the only organ in the human body which is uable to heal itself once damaged as an adult.


Associated with the elemental of air, sense organ the skin;  the Anahata chakra governs love, compassion and acceptance.   It begins with the Self - You Beautiful & ends with you.

Accept. Respect. Protect your feelings. Express Loving Awareness 

Practicing certain yoga poses is one of the best ways to keep the Anahata chakra balanced. In addition, meditating on the Anahata chakra calms the mind, promotes emotional stability, and the capacity to love selflessly, which is one of the greatest of all traits.

Anahata chakra is where the Atman, or true Self, resides.


Realizing this Self is only possible if one is unconditional in love, which can be achieved when the Anahata chakra is balanced. A balanced Anahata chakra promotes love, compassion, forgiveness and Self-realization.


Anahata chakra is also the seat of Anahata nada, which yogis can hear during deep meditation. Anahata nada is the sound that is not made and cannot be heard unless one achieves the highest level of meditation.


Anahata Yoga Shala is a unique Koh Phangan Yoga studio Shala on the west side of the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Anahata Yoga Shala takes an innovative approach to providing a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, in mind body & deeper connection to your unlimited potential.   We provide our students with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall health, beauty and wellness.

Anahata Yoga Shala - Haad Yao Beach - Koh Phangan, Thailand offers Yoga Teacher Training Course-Yoga Alliance Certified - Yoga Holidays; Aerial Yoga; Beginners Yoga; Yoga Retreats; Detox Yin Yoga; Meditation; Yoga Philosophy; Yoga Therapy; All people Welcome

Class Schedule 2024
open everyday except 25 dec. & 1 Jan.


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What we Do

Namaste Yogis,

Please take NOTE ... REMEMBER WHY YOU CAME TO THIS PARADISE ISLAND.... to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

ANAHATA YOGA SHALA - is just a traditional YOGA SHALA .....FORGET ABOUT BIG BUSINESS in this Shala


We have YOGA EVERYDAY 8.30-10am

with a spectacular Yoga Space - upstairs - surrounded by other privately owned  businesses. ie. massages, restaurants, resorts...

- no shop - downstairs

- no reception ladies working for us downstairs, including the massage ladies.

- no accomodation - Please find your own accommodation (unless it is part of a -organized retreat)


Ask the Teacher for Information- please do not EXPECT the massage ladies to know anything about our business - since they do not work for us.  It is very simple  WE CAME TO LIVE IN PARADISE & Create a simple life - So ALL THE INFORMATION on Yoga Classes are on the Classes Page


In the Spirit of Yoga drop all Expectations and Accept & Respect - WE ARE SAME SAME but DIFFERENT Namaste

Drop-in Yoga Classes 7 days a week 8.30-10am  (No Booking or phone calls or sms) just arrive 10 minutes before the class and Quietly get your space and relax Yoga Classes, right on the beach listen to the waves.  

Aerial Yoga Classes

We have Aerial Yoga Classes and as we have limited hammock space we can only take 13 students per class - so join the WhatsApp group - Scan the bar code below and send us your name, date & time of Aerial yoga class. With Respect let us know and cancel in time - to give the space to someone else.  For more Information about the difference between high and low goto Classes.



1-week Loving Awareness Retreat 

All are great for beginners yoga students, wanting to go deeper and delve into the ;hilosophy and more.

Anahata Yoga Shala 

We are very easy to find on the long white beach of Haad Yao, West side of Koh Phangan island - sunset side.

Drive down the steep cemented driveway; Sharp left at the bottom. Park At Sandy Bay Resort.  Walk to the beach we are up stairs.

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