Tantra Virtual Online Retreats

Women's Weekend Workshops

with Love from - Koh Phangan with

Vanessa Burger

Join Vanessa, for a virtual Online Tantra Yoga Retreat - 4 days over 2 weeks.

Vanessa Burger an international Tantra & Yoga Teacher, as she takes you on a gentle & paradoxically wild passionate & crazy authentic path of self discovery.  Breaking the moldy molds that hold us back from expressing our selves in various ways. Using different ancient Tantric & Yogic technique exercises that are profound and playful.  Learn to Liberate and expand your Consciousness, working with the shadow using erotic innocences and embracing all aspects of your nature is our way of Tantra, taking you to higher states of self-Love & self-acceptance.   What you will experience on the weekend :

  • Ecstatic Dance ~

  • Soul Gazing

  • Melting Hugs

  • Ying & Yang Energies

  • Inner Male & Inner Female

  • Twin Flame Energies

  • Awaken your Inner Lover - Self-Love & Self-Mastery

  • Opening to Higher Levels of Trust - Creating Sacred Space - Rituals -

  • Awakening the Senses ~

  • 3 Keys in Tantra ~ Breath ~ Sounds ~ Movement

  • Riding the Tiger Grrr

  • Yoga - Pranayama (breathing techniques) MoolhaBhanda ~ Sacred Key for Tantrics (energy locks) Meditation ~

  • Tantric Kriyas

  • Breath of Fire

  • Tantric Kiss

  • Chakra Vibrations Meditations

  • Harnessing & Cultivating your Orgasmic naturally Streaming Energies ~

  • Harmonization of the Polar opposites Energies

  • Raising your Vibrational Frequency and learning to Ground the Energies.


What IS INCLUDED in price per person

4 Nights accommodations 

2 meals during 3 day workshop

yoga classes, mats, blocks, straps

Singles welcome to join and partner up with another single

Couples welcome too.