Vanessa Burger - Anahata Yoga Shala - Founder & Lead Teacher 

RYT500 +RYT200 - Yoga Alliance

Is an international multi-yoga teacher with a big open heart and the amazing ability to connect with

the divine inside you. She has a passionate love for life, and this shines through as you enjoy her unique

brand of rejuvenating yoga together. 


Vanessa was introduced to yoga by her mother as a young child and fell very much in love with the informal practice. After exploring many other sports and exploring both classic and contemporary dance during 10 years at the Royal Academy of Dance she attended her first official Yoga class in Durban, South Africa.


Relocating to Johannesburg in 2002, Vanessa attended many other yoga classes with various teachers from all over the world. In 2003 Vanessa discovered Reiki and went on to do a course in Dr. Usui Reiki. She completed her Reiki Masters and now incorporates this healing subtlety into her yoga classes.

In 2010, Vanessa started a 2 year study of Shamanism with Lionel Berman, in Johannesburg, learning about energy, the earth, consciousness, awareness, self, how to connect deeper and to intensify our already existing connection to the earth and all that is. Vanessa began her RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, with the late Ingrid Eriksson, who was personally trained by Pattabios Jois in India. On completing the training, Vanessa started teaching Vinyāsa, Asthanga, Hot Yoga (Bikram’s yoga), Hatha and Pre-Natal Yoga. Yoga is addictive!!!

In 2012, she arrived in South Goa, India to study Traditional Tantra yoga for 1 year, at Shri Kali Ashram and obtained 500 hours certification with Yoga Alliance as a RYT, qualified to teach other yogis to become teachers. Vanessa's quest for knowledge and liberation of consciousness promoted her to take her studies further to France with the renowned Margot Anand, starting on her intensive 2 year "Skydancing Teacher Training" Certification, from early 2013 - 2014. Skydancing Tantra - studies on Sacred Conscious Sexuality.  

Furthering her studies in herself and the human psyche, she enrolled in another international course "Sexual Grounding Therapy" starting in May 2014. Vanessa firmly believes that a good teacher is always a student, learning from all aspects of life, including her own students.

Vanessa focuses on getting her yogis into the most blissful state of deep relaxation, in her restorative Tantra Yoga classes and a good vigorous workout in her Tantra Vinyasa classes. Many of her students, some first time to yoga claim to have profound spiritual experiences after a 90 minutes class.

Yogini Vanessa can help you gain new life skills, transform your fears into life-changing accomplishments, become happier on a deeper level and inspire dreams more aligned with your true purpose.

Anton Kazantsev - Yoga

Anton's first contact with yoga happened when he was 15 years old. He taught himself a few yoga sequences from a book and discovered how this brought complete calmness into his teenager life.

He then started to attend the lectures of the American student of Sri Chin Moy about the Transcendental meditation. Soon after, Anton met his first teacher with whom he practiced Tantra Yoga in Osho style, at Raja Budhi Yoga.

Anton started to practice Hatha yoga in the new Iyengar school in Moscow, but unfortunately he suffered a knee and lower back injury that took him 5 years to recover from. As a result, Anton immersed himself in Tantra and meditation and got a devotion in Hirakhan Babaji.

In 2005, Anton started to practice Vipassana and this changed his life completely. In 2008, he and his partner quit their jobs and moved to India, where they met Sharat Aurora, a yoga teacher who spent 6 years asisting BKS Iyengar in his Therapeutic classes. It was in India that Anton passed his yoga teachers training course.

Anton studied yoga therapy in Russia in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. He studied Ashtanga Vinyasa, Classical Iyengar Yoga, Sukshma and Prana Vyayama and Kundalini in the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmacharya.

Anton hadn't planned to teach yoga, but understanding more and more how the practice can heal and change a person's life, he started to travel around the world and teach the essence of yoga everywhere he got the chance. Anton is sure that the real yoga is inside, where the true liberation is.

"L" - (Dusadee)

Yoga & Vipasana Meditation

"L" -born, Dusadee found her passion in yoga from a single book in 2009 and that was when her journey started. She learned to practice everything from that book and has been continuing doing it everyday in the last 10 years. What she discovered from this daily routine had transformed her life in the way that can never be the same again. She found out that the body is the universe in itself and that we all have the access to transform in every moment if you allow your heart to be open and connect it with the body. This discovery had led her to join a RYT 200 hours from 

Samma Karuna School in July 2019, with the hope that she can share this beautiful blessing to others.


Being born to a traditional Buddhist Thai family, Dusadee was fortunate to be exposed to Vipassana meditation practice at a very young age. However, it was because of the yoga practice that she has been practicing diligently in the last 10 years that help her gain the wisdom by combining those 2 schools of ancient knowledge together. She believes that Vipassana is a gateway to go deeper in yoga and vice versa. As these 2 practices work hand in hand with each other, she would like to offer this gift to those who wish to unlock the mystery of living harmoniously with their own multiverses: mind, body and spirit.


Dusadee has a very calm and pleasant personality. Her students have witnessed that their anxiety has calmed down just to be in her presence. Hence, her way of teaching is making an example by living in ultimate harmony with herself and others.


Alex - Yoga Philosophy 

A truly passionate and dedicated Yogi, Alex began his journey into Yoga 20 years ago when he began to question the state of consciousness in the world around him- feeling the essence of something divine present but not seeing this manifested in the values and actions of those around him, he started his search for truth.

He began exploring the practice of martial arts as a means to cultivating the courage and willpower necessary to resist the pressure from the outside world to conform to sociocultural norms through mastery of the body. Although this practice was an important step on the path, it was not the final goal- his search for a teacher of inner wisdom continued. It was not long after this intention was set that he found his teacher in a Master Yogi who was offering knowledge of inner power through the teachings of Yoga. He then spent the next 5 years dedicated only to his practice, living in solitude and isolation, studying scriptures, and practicing meditations which helped him to realize his purpose and enabled him to release limiting and destructive mindsets. Alex later received spiritual initiation from his Master and started sharing the knowledge of self-realized yogis along with his own experience and insights received during his apprenticeship, years of daily meditations, and immersions into a wide range of yogic practices. He is sure that this precious knowledge must be preserved and aims to share the essence of Yoga as it was traditionally taught to help people realize the ultimate truth.

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