Known as "Elle" -born, Dusadee found her passion in yoga from a single book in 2009 and that was when her journey started. She learned to practice everything from that book and has been continuing doing it everyday in the last 10 years. What she discovered from this daily routine had transformed her life in the way that can never be the same again. She found out that the body is the universe in itself and that we all have the access to transform in every moment if you allow your heart to be open and connect it with the body. This discovery had led her to join a RYT 200 hours from 

Samma Karuna School in July 2019, with the hope that she can share this beautiful blessing to others.


Being born to a traditional Buddhist Thai family, Dusadee was fortunate to be exposed to Vipassana meditation practice at a very young age. However, it was because of the yoga practice that she has been practicing diligently in the last 10 years that help her gain the wisdom by combining those 2 schools of ancient knowledge together. She believes that Vipassana is a gateway to go deeper in yoga and vice versa. As these 2 practices work hand in hand with each other, she would like to offer this gift to those who wish to unlock the mystery of living harmoniously with their own multiverses: mind, body and spirit.


Dusadee has a very calm and pleasant personality. Her students have witnessed that their anxiety has calmed down just to be in her presence. Hence, her way of teaching is making an example by living in ultimate harmony with herself and others.