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On-Line Part-time Yoga Teacher Training

Tantra Vinaysa Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 hour is 100% online and all sessions are recorded should you not be able to attend certain lectures or classes. 

In accordance with YOGA ALLIANCE guidelines; we offer the 100 hours of pre-recorded lectures, and over 100 hours of live Asana, pranayama, teaching methodology, ​with training sessions of learning how to lead asana classes safely for all levels of yogis boosting your own self confidence when you learn how amazing your body truly is when using breath, syncing with movements asanas.

Getting students confident for their final exams is intensive, transformational and rewarding.

Upon completion of this teacher training you will be fully equipped with all of the skills to lead safe and well considered classes with confidence and ease. Your own personal practice will expand not only your muscles but your limiting belief systems about your self and your body amazing potential.  

After the final practical exams, a graduation ceremony and digital along with original certificates will be sent.

Vanessa Burger  as a your mentoring senior Lead Yoga Teacher Training teacher, with many year of training and tantra yoga experience, throughout the part-time course. This teacher training is for anyone looking to go deeper within their own yoga practice or to share their love for the practice. 

This transformative programme is designed for beginners and avid yogis alike,  to take each student step by step through the journey to becoming a safe and effective yoga teacher.

Program Highlights include

  • Yoga Philosophy & Psychology

  • Asanas (postures)

  • Pranayama (breath work)

  • Meditation

  • Chakras

  • Anatomy

  • Hands on Adjustments

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Sequencing

  • The Business of Yoga​

Anahata Yoga Shala  is committed to being a safe space of people of all races, sexual orientation and all religious preferences. 

Anahata Yoga Shala is committed to adding lectures on  equity - racial and social justice and how that applies to yoga teachers, ahimsa - non-violent thoughts, speech or actions.

Our mission at Anahata Yoga Shala is 

LOVE - LAW. OF. VIBRATIONAL. ENERGY.... I am just another you ... teaching you to relax and expand your mind and your consciousness from finite to the road of your now self-love and  infinite bliss.  As your mind and body relaxes and expands, you make a safe sacred space for your Soul to unite with your mind and body in harmony and bliss.

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Hear What They’re Saying

Kacey Pat.jpg

"One of the best decisions I've made"I really enjoyed all of the teachers in different ways. Each one of them brought a different dimension of learning and practice that made it so vaulable as a whole. I LOVE Anton, he truly is a great yogi and human being, not to mention he's hilarious. Vanessa is absolutely incredible and helped me greatly through some things that came up emotionally. Alex is one of my greatest teachers and I valued his lectures above all. I loved the freedom of the practice and it truly is what you make it. Its a lot of yoga!! But now my body craves it. I stayed at HutSun and it was the best! had breakfast there every morning and Ging (the owner) is nothing short of accommodating. The pool is also great, especially on hot days during our lunch brakes. Plenty of great restaurants near by, no need to get a scooter. I made some lifelong friends and I couldn't be happier with my choice to do this retreat.I really loved the brunch but after a few weeks I started to crave something different and sometimes would skip it. But really beautiful vegan food prepared with love.

Kacey Mcmahon
United States - June 2018


Best decision I’ve made to do the RYT200 at Anahata Yoga Shaka on Koh Phangan. Vanessa, Anton, Mica and Alex are all very knowledgeable teachers, each has a unique approach towards teaching and together they form a strong team. Vanessa is a loving and caring beautiful lady, and a free spirit!! Her way of being always inspires me to remove disguises in life and get connected with my true inner self. Anton is a very wise and experienced teacher, and I’ve learned the best restorative yoga from him. He is also super lovely and fun in person, and we all love him for that! Mica teaches great Flow and Yin with nice sequences and perfect control on tempo, and he also has a lot to share about yogic diet. A passionate, warm-hearted and gentle guy! Alex simply is the BEST philosophy teacher I’ve known - every single class with him has been a privilege and absolute enjoyment. Besides the teachers, I’ve also had the luck to meet a bunch of sweet lovely fellow yogis. It felt like a big family, and the connection among many of us will stay for a long, long time. The location and the people here on the island is also a big plus. The island is peaceful and quiet most of the time and it has the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. And, we’ve met the kindest locals here - Pat who prepares the delicious vegan brunches for us, and Ging who runs Hutsun where most students stayed, and many more... It’s been a truly magical month for me, and I’ll definitely come back one day, maybe for some teachings!

Jinjing Yang
Shanghai China - June 2018


Anahata provided an amazing experience all around. Vanessa is unbelievably talented and a fantastic teacher. I am so thrilled with my experience at Anahata. The new shala is gorgeous and the combination of Anton and Vanessa both teaching is super well balanced. I learned more than I thought possible and my practice improved tenfold. The training was very personalized and I feel well equipped and confident to teach, as we were provided ample teaching time with other students as well as the public. I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their practice and build confidence and skills to teach yoga. 

I was not disappointed at all! My experience was super favorable.

Adelaide Andrews - USA
February 3, 2020

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