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About the teachers 

Vanessa Burger,

was born in South Africa, far north close to the Zimbabwean border on farm with no electricity and coal stoves, back in 1971.   

At an early age she was taught yoga by her mother, nothing serious just for fun.  She was very active and successful in long & middle distance running.  Also practiced Classical Ballet and modern dancing for almost 10 years with the Royal Academy of Dancing.  Not enjoying the teachers violent ways of teaching, hitting the students with a stick, she quit, inspire of having a great command of the skill.

Years later she found herself at her first official yoga class.  She practiced on and off, not taking it serious, she was bored in the classes, for various reasons.  During this period she had embarked on her own long healing journey the path of “Self-Love”.  

She completed her Reiki Masters over a long 2 year period in 2002 -2004.

Attended many various “Self-Development” Seminars and Workshops. Brandon Bays - The Journey.  Attended a part-time 2 year workshop on Shamanic Cultures around the world & learning different techniques Shamans use for healing, which she incorporates daily in her teaching and personal life.


Wanting to learn more about yoga, for her own practice, she did her first RYT200 yoga teacher training in South Africa - 2010 training in Ashtanga; Vinyasa; Hatha; Hot (Bikram) & Iyengar.

With no intention of ever being a teacher, she rebelled the teachers instructions to get to the front of the class and lead.  Until one day she had to cover a class for all the student teachers and lead teacher who were all mysteriously ill at the same time.  After her 1st attempt at teaching, in public, students wanted to know more from her.  Surprisingly she found her voice.  After teaching for 18 months at the local gyms, being paid less than $4 per class, she did not mind, as she discovered what it means to teach in Bhakti Yoga.  Often did free yoga classes to disadvantaged students who could not pay - Karma Yoga, amazingly the were natural yogis, bringing such joy to both student and teacher! 

The gym classes were filled with students from beginners, advanced, injured, young as 17 years and as old as 82 years.  Giving her the skills to intuit and “cater for all students needs in one class”.

Following her feelings, prompting her to learn as much as she could.  

Soon after her 1st TTC, she completed a teacher training in Pregnancy Yoga RYT80 aand taught over the same year at a Conscious Child Birth Clinic in Johannesburg.  Finding a beautiful balance between the power yoga and more nurturing style of yoga.  She changed her schedule to teach less Ashtanga and more balance between the various styles of yoga.  

Still feeling the pull and push to learn more yoga, she was looking for the source of yoga.  This is where she discovered an ashram in India, teaching Traditional Tantra Yoga.

This turning point in her life, she made a choice to be true to her feelings and said good bye to her husband, daughter,  (whom she taught along with her daughter and are today successful yoga teachers) family, friends and country and went off to India  in January 2012 for 1 year to study Traditional Tantra Yoga, completing her RYT500.


Returning to South Africa in January 2013, she was unsettled and still her relentless quest for knowledge of Tantra & Yoga, she started to train in France with the famous Margot Anand - founder of Skydancing Tantra International Institute.  She started her teacher training 6 separate weeks over 2 years, while simultaneously she was also participating in their 6 weeks over two year “Love and Ecstasy  Workshops” 

Committed to her studies & teaching sharing her passion, she was flying between South Africa, France and India.

Few months before she completed her Tantra Teacher training with Skydancing, she started on new self-devolvement training in France and Spain - Sexual Grounding Therapy.  This was one of the most powerful and cathartic healing workshops she felt she had ever done.  Lasting over 2 years, the workshop was also 6 weeks long.  


During this time, she continued to teach Yoga & started to teach Tantra to women, men and mixed groups.

In May 2015 she went off to Dharmshala, India to do yet another RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training - and it was advertised as “yoga therapy” during the course, she realized, she herself was ready to start teaching students to become yoga teachers.

In April 2016 she lead solo a yoga teacher training in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Later to be head hunted by a yoga school on the neighboring island of Koh Phangan.  Following her intuition and feelings, she accepted the offer.  Months later she was given the divine opportunity to create her own yoga school - Anahata Yoga Shala.  

Vanessa's intention is to assist as many souls to transform to expand their consciousness and to 

“Love their bodies -  Heal their minds - Free the soul”  Sacred Marriage of Sprit and Matter - this is authentic Tantra - embracing all of our parts - as we truly accept and love ourselves and all our imperfections, it is then we can accept & love others unconditionally.  It all begins with you and ends with you.


Past RYT200 Testamonials 

Catharina Petersen

November 30, 2017

"Perfect for deep Yoga knowledge + a lot of LOVE"

Everyone's practicing level or flexibility were accepted and everything was without any pressure! It's really professional and all teacher having a deep knowledge about yoga! The teachers all have their own way and this is what keeps a balance and harmony there! I'm in love with Anahata Yoga Shala

Mikael Mannerbjork

March 31, 2019

Amazing teachers, one whole Shakti the other hero Shiva, the third a man with supernatural abilities. (Yes, that's my experience) Climbed up to the top list of meaningful / interesting things you have done in life. Thanks! Namaste! Mikael Mannerbjörk (Sweden)What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Solange Perrault from United States - 4 April 2019

March 31, 2019

Vanessa, thank you for your unwavering support and for continuously encouraging us to find the passion and joy in life. Anton, thank you for your honesty, for sharing your love of yoga, and for teaching us to be here for ourselves and no one else. And Alex, thank you for challenging our beliefs and asking us to dig deeper in this practice of yoga, and of life. You have all changed my life, and I would encourage everyone to seek you out and take this course!!

Rachel Nelson

September 03, 2019

I loved starting the mornings chanting with Cheryl. She has a beautiful voice and a gentle presence, and it was a wonderful way to start the day. We were lucky to have a small group of only 6 students so it was a very personal and transformative experience. I feel like we really got to know each other and valued one another’s unique contributions to the group. The food that was provided by Art Cafe was so fresh and healthy, and it was really a feast every day. I liked the freedom with the schedule because after a few weeks I started to skip the lunches and take some “me time” at the beach or the pool instead. I highly recommend communicating your intentions for the program with Vanessa, if you have an idea of what you would like to gain from the class. I told Vanessa early on that I was interested in pregnancy yoga and she made a point to ensure that I had all the resources I would need to gain that knowledge. She regularly checked in with me to ask if I needed any further instruction or resources. She gave me books and her personal notes from workshops she had attended on the topic, and mentioned alternative poses for pregnant women during our classes. If you know what you want and communicate it, she will make sure you get it!

Ursula Van Graan

January 03, 2023

My experience with Vanessa as a yoga teacher always left me feeling refreshed and inspired. Through her encouragement, support and urging a am now a certified yoga teacher, living the dream. Thank you beautiful soul sister ❤️

Mar 9, 2017

Ursula M

Renata Malinovska

February 23, 2023

Last year 2016 in May I had a great pleasure to attend TTC in May and meet Vanessa! Amazing human being with an incredibly positive energy and passion for love, nature and yoga. I can only recommend everyone who is tempted to practice to pass by and discover her unique teaching skills!

Ildiko Gyori, Consultant and Yoga Teacher

May 28, 2023

RYT200 - Yoga Teacher Training  - former student November 2016
There are sometimes Teachers providing more than knowledge and I consider this is the biggest present : passing on passion, inspiration, Love. Of course, there was a lot of knowledge, expertise, beautiful yoga practice, but most important to me, the yoga teacher training classes with Vanessa were always so inspiring ! For me it was a life-changing experience, opening my heart and my mind. I feel this in my everyday life, maintained over time... Thank you from my heart for that, Vanessa !

Caroline Hurry

January 03, 2023

When Vanessa weaves her Yogic wisdom and slowly awakens even stiff and unsupple bodies, her gentle encouragement, enthusiasm, and love of yoga allows integration of mind, body and spirit so that healing can begin! She also makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable –Caroline Hurry, 2011

Olga Tsvetok

January 03, 2023

Vanessa is amazing. My favorite teacher on the island. I always left her class with a big smile on my face and a heart full of love recommend!

Sarah Nallet

January 03, 2023

Hi! My name is Sarah, I'm from France and I did my TTC with Vanessa and some other teachers in September 2016. Vanessa was definitely one of my favorite: she is such a passionate, vibrante, knowledgeable, funny, charismatic and inspiring teacher AND woman. It was always a pleasure to join her classes, and some of her little sentences will (hopefully!) stay in my mind forever ... she shares her passion for yoga and life with so much generosity... you WILL have a great experience by taking a TTC with Vanessa!

Anne Paddneburg

January 03, 2023

Anne Paddenburg, 41 years old from the Netherlands. After I did my 200 hrs teacher training, I went back to Koh Phangan to deepen my practice. Took many classes with Vanessa. She is amazing: a lot of knowledge together with a beautiful personality. She showed that fun in practice is important! This picture shows what she taught me and how I feel about it.  Good energy, learned a lot in many ways! 


Sara Jasmine Desai

January 03, 2023

Vanessa is a very knowledgeable and fun loving yogini. She brings her unique energy to every class and always has the time to help and support all of her students. I would recommend taking any of Vanessa’s classes or her TTC.

Serafina Karahassan

January 03, 2023

May 2016. Vanessa was an incredibly inspiring yoga teacher to me who brings her fun and loving energy into her teachings. I would love to have the opportunity to learn from her again. I felt confident to teach after completing a 200 hour YTT with her.

Camille Sorbet, March 2018

February 28, 2018

"The best gift you can offer yourself is here!"

This was the best TTC I could ever wish for, and I knew from the start I made the right choice. It felt right from the beginning to the end. The island is a paradise on it's own, and an amazing place to go on a spiritual journey and to reconnect with nature. The teachers are very inspiring and encourage you to make your own experience, without being dogmatic. You will receive a great amount of valuable information and the teachers really care! Note that this school is open to beginners as well. On a side note, the food is also sooo delicious and healthy. I am so blessed by this wonderful experience at Anahata, I recommend 100%.

Hanniah Tariq, March 2018

February 28, 2018

"Best experience. Kicked my butt but it is what was needed."

Getting up at the crack of dawn and being physically and emotionally present all day. But- i needed it!

Love the combination of different teachers and styles. Gentle but strong. Love to all the teachers and the students.

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