Anahata Yoga Shala - Schedule 

YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS - RYT200 - Basic Yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan - Check out the full course outline  on the button below 

Monday - Friday 4-6pm Yoga

January - February - March - April - May 2020

Join our afternoon

Restorative yoga classes,

Monday - Friday


check the schedule for either :-

Yin Yoga with "L" or

Traditional Tantra Yoga - TrioDosha Balancing series with Vanessa

Monday - Sunday

10.30am -12pm

Yoga & Meditation with

Dusadee - "L"

Dusadee - lovely local Thai also known as "L" originally from Bangkok, has traded her academic city life for paradise - teaching Yoga & Vipassana.  Being practicing meditation for over 40 years and yoga for over 10 - her tranquil calm energy is very complimentary to the view.   

Join one her classes whilst visiting the island and your feel like you have been on vacation!

Monday - Saturday

8 - 10am

Yoga Teacher Training RYT200 January - February - March - April - May 2020

Join our Yoga Teacher Training Asana practice classes - 

Starting off early in the calmness of the tranquil morning on the beach with a meditation.

8-10am ~ Yoga Asana practice - public students may drop in then too if they wish.

First we start with warm up Arthritic Prevention - and release Yoga - focusing on the joints head to toe.


Next 45-60minutes -

Surya Namaskara - 3 different styles - Traditional Classical - from Ashtanga series - A & B with modifications. 

More Triknoasanas/Trinangle  and other standing poses - bone building and muscle strengthening, mind, balancing, focusing and breathing syncing with a series of dynamic poses.

Transition to seated poses, more work on the wrists and shoulders, hamstrings, ankles and neck and the HIPS ... opening of the hips essential.

Relaxing poses, cooling down, getting ready for Pranayama & Meditation for the last 45-60minutes.  Good deep intense practice with surprise Arm Balances.

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