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Vanessa Burger and Koh Phangan

A Course on the Divine Feminine An Introduction to Woman’s Tantra

Join international teacher, Vanessa Burger of Anahata School, for a women’s retreat and workshops on the Divine Feminine; What it means, as well as an in-depth introduction to Tantra and the practices you can incorporate into your daily life.

A Course on the Divine Feminine

An Introduction to Woman’s Tantra

On-line Virtual Retreat and workshops


Women’s Weekend Workshop: 4 days over 1 weeks Saturdays and Sundays

The group will be limited to 20 participants who are interested in transforming their energy and make beautiful shifts in their life.

The cost is US $150


Saturday 25 & July Sunday 26  July

Saturday 1 & 2 August Sunday 

Western Central Europe & South Africa Time - 2-5/6pm Eastern American Time 8am

Bangkok Time - 7-10 /11pm

Women’s Weekend Workshops An Introduction to Tantra

What you will need:

iPad / Laptop

Good wifi connection - we will record all sessions should you miss out due to connections Zoom application for the chat room - Free App

Pen & Notebook -

Quiet private room without any interruptions

Toilet breaks - & snack & tea for a break

Please send Vanessa a WhatsApp to add your number to our group chat for updates and live links; +66 62 05419 86

Module 1 - Saturday - 25 July

• 30 minutes relaxed Yoga session

• What is Tantra?

• Brief History & Introduction to the Ancient Art of the Spirtual Science of Bliss - Tantra.

• Sex & Myths

• Self Love & Self - Acceptance - Loving the Body, Healing the Mind & Freeing the Soul

• Learning to Hold sacred space

• The different bodies of energy - Prana, Koshas, Chakras & Nadi’s - the 5 Senses

• the 5 senses & the ego

• The Physcial anatomy - and our energy bodies.

• Closing with a Guided Tantric Kriya Active Meditation.

Module 2 - Sunday -  26 July

• 30 minutes relaxed Yoga session

• The Divine Feminine

• Who is she?

• What is she?

 • What does she look like & what does she do in this world?

• Are you a Divine Feminine?

• What about the Divine Masculine?

• Learn all about the Male & Female Polar Opposites within, the inner woman & man.

• Learn to Bring Balance & Harmonize these polar opposites.

• Embodying the Divine Feminine.

• Close: Discover your inner Man & Woman - Your Inner Lover, Guided Meditation.

• Homework for next week - Reflections & questions and answers.

Module 3 - Saturday 1 August

• 30 minutes relaxed Yoga session

• Pain & Pleasure - Love & Hate - Acceptance & Resistance - Living with a painful past is


• Learn to Transcend the past and truly live in the NOW.

• Learn about our Origins, our story our History is what has shaped us into who we are      

   today.  Understanding the roots of our story which can anchor us in the past... Free  

   Choice - Ladies will be invited to share any painful story ... Shedding Love & Light onto    

  our story = Holding space for each other and allowing to share & express, unresolved  

  suppressed feelings and emotions.

• Dysfunctions of sexuality, why some woman struggle to orgasm.

• Free choice - & Free Will - Finding your Form and Finding Freedom in it.

• Close: Self - Love 30 minute guided meditation.

• Feedback open to feel free to share.

Module 4 - Sunday 2 August

• 30 minutes relaxed Yoga session

• Going Deeper - Tantric's are Romantics - We ritualize the Art of Love Making.

• Brief History of Rituals & Ceremonies in all countries and cultures

• Creating a sacred space & ritual space / alter - Art of INTENSE POWER - Rituals &


• Awakening the Ecstatic Blissful Body - Streaming Energy, Shaking Meditation, Butterfly

  Release technique.

• Keys for Love - Sacred Conscious Sexuality - simple techniques which will enhance the       quality of your orgasms if not ... give you cosmic orgasm - Breath Sounds Movement & more juicy things for you to do.

• Cobra Breath -

• Streaming Energy - exercise which moves energy

• Choosing with Conscious Awareness that which brings you Joy!

• Close with Chakra Vibration meditation

This course and the teacher are a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School, students who are registered with Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Teacher and would like to add to their continuing education will receive an online certificate.

Women's Tantra
Virtual Retreats

25&26 July -1&2 August- 4 half days over 1 week 

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