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About Walter Baroffio (Bhaskar)

Am I lost? Are you? When and how did I figure the existence of the water?

What about fire? How come water can freeze? Stop asking questions my child!!

I still don’t know why and what everything is about and probably never will, do you? 

I look up to the sky and wonder how the Moon does not fall down! 


I lost everything when I was 40 years old, I mean not all because I’m still here right. 

I went back to New Delhi again, but this time not to purchase garments but to study the science of Jyotish, the Indian Vedic Astrology. 

Why? I felt I needed guidance and an understanding of life outside and inside of me! 

I still don’t know and somehow I’m learning step by step the art of managing feelings and emotions, sometimes even dreams and to observe the upper roof, the father sky. 

So, what about Mother Earth? SHE is full of colours, smells, sounds and textures, SHE, as the Gayatri reminds me how beautiful nature is and how powerfully destructive SHE can be. 

Vegetation, planets, elements do not need my human limited and conditioned intellect for life to happen. The other great Mother of Time, the Goddess Kali teaches me patiences, compassion, surrender through the cycles of existence. Mother Shakti teaches me to melt with life, to become one within oneself, to be receptive, fully present and honoured to walk on planet earth. 

Father sky shows me how to walk like the wolf in between the parallel invisible worlds. Like a Naga, the Shiva snake remains alert but relaxed, vigilant and perceptive to life’s signals remembering always the moment of the last breath, I’m eternal in spirit but not in matter. I’m breathing consciously though the sound of creation AUM.  

So-Ham, I-am, Shivoham, I am that pure consciousness. Aho!

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