Yoga Teacher Training

$989 -  Online Partime - Yoga Teacher TrainingYoga 

2021 Dates of Training

February - 5 June (4month)

20 June - 4 September (3 month)

Tantra Hatha / Vinyasa 

RYT200 - Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga Alliance Registered 

Live via Zoom 100hrs

+ 100 hrs  pre-recorded videos

Anahata Yoga Shala - join us for

8 Weeks - Part time 

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Vanessa Burger, as she leads assisted by her daughter Tegan Burger as they guide and teach you to becoming a PASSIONATE

Yoga Teacher 


This 200 hour is 100% online and all sessions are recorded should you not be able to attend certain lectures or classes. 

Upon completion of this teacher training you will be fully equipped with all of the skills to lead safe and well considered classes with confidence and ease. Your own personal practice will expand not only your muscles but your limiting belief systems about your self and your body amazing potential.  Vanessa  as a your mentor throughout the part-time course. This teacher training is for anyone looking to go deeper within their own yoga practice or to share their love for the practice. 

This transformative programme is designed for beginners and avid yogis alike,  to take each student step by step through the journey to becoming a safe and effective yoga teacher.

Program Highlights include
  • Yoga Philosophy & Psychology

  • Asanas (postures)

  • Pranayama (breath work)

  • Meditation

  • Chakras

  • Anatomy

  • Hands on Adjustments

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Sequencing

  • The Business of Yoga

Anahata Yoga Shala  is committed to being a safe space of people of all races, sexual orientation and all religious preferences. 

Anahata Yoga Shala is committed to adding lectures on  equity - racial and social justice and how that applies to yoga teachers, ahimsa - non-violent thoughts, speech or actions.

Our mission at Anahata Yoga Shala is

LOVE - LAW. OF. VIBRATIONAL. ENERGY.... I am just another you ... teaching you to relax and expand your mind and your consciousness from finite to the road of your now self-love and  infinite bliss.  As your mind and body relaxes and expands, you make a safe sacred space for your Soul to unite with your mind and body in harmony and bliss.

Anahata Yoga Shala - Offers affordable  Yoga Alliance certified  - On-line - RYT200hours Yoga Teacher Training in the basics of  ~  

 Traditional Tantra Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training RYT200

Whether you are wanting to become a yoga teacher or simply wish to deepen your own yoga practice while learning Yoga Philosophy the RYT200 course will teach you the fundamentals of becoming a confident Yoga Teacher over a part-time basis, giving you freedom to continue your other daily life.  With limited number of students, allowing each student to receive more personal attention on the journey discovering yourself - Self-Love = Self-Mastery.​​

Full Attendance & passing of exams, students will be certified with a RYT200 Yoga Alliance certificate.

Graduation Ceremony & certificates are on the last Saturday.


Course Outline

  • Teaching Methodology Asanas (postures)  - Yoga Practice Vinyasa; Hatha; Traditional Tantra Yoga - Tri-Dosha Balancing &  Harmonisation  sequence, along with Iyengar based Hatha Flow - learn the basics key poses in asana practice, how to demo, guide and technique along with benefits.)

  • Surya Namaskara - Sun Salutations -3 various styles

  • Mudras - Symbolic gestures practiced with hands, fingers, tongue or eyes.

  • Mantras - Words to ra ise  your vibration - for healing, for love for releasing, liberation & expansion of mind

  • Yantras - a geometric diagram, or any object, used as an aid to meditation in tantric worship

  • Bhandas - Learn how to cultivate your energy thru the various locks in the body

  • Meditations - various styles, guided.

  • Tantric Kriyas - Active Meditations

  • Pranayama (breath work)Breath control - for calm, clarity, tranquility & free longevity

  • Chakras - in depth understanding of our subtle energy systems emotional/mental/spiritual/physical bodies of energy

  • Anatomy - Muscles, ligaments; joints; ratio of movements; contraindications; safe pose and cautions.

  • Hands on Adjustments Demos

  • Yoga Humanities  - Philosophy - 8 Limbs of Yoga; Patanjali Sutras; Tantra & the Vedas; 5 Koshas & 5 Kleshas

  • Sequencing - Scripting of a Yoga Class or an Event

  • The Business of Yoga 

  • Teaching Yoga Practicums - Exams & preparation - learn to lead a class confidently- Students will lead small groups of other students and compassionate feedback given.

Time Zone -

Central European - 8-9.30am 


Western USA 5-6.30pm

Monday -Saturday

8-9.30am Asana Yoga practise - live via Zoom

1hour x 4 hours / week of prerecorded video -Yoga Humanities & Philosophy lectures

Saturday lectures & Sundays off

Every other Weekend off.

Lots of live Zoom practice sessions available 

Answers are in the Asanas

Feel free to email us with any questions 


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~ Truth ~ Simplicity ~ Love ~