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 About Koh Phangan

Island - Thailand

Discover Koh Phagan island with Anahata Yoga Shala -
Yoga Retreats in Paradise

Awakening awaits you in the hippie-at-heart Koh Phangan. The tiny island is a tropical paradise for those wanting to open their hearts. From the breathtaking beaches to the friendly and warm hearted locals it is an easy place to feel the love.

Popularised by the Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan has much more to offer and is still relatively undiscovered. Outside of the full moon the island is far quieter and just waiting to be explored. 

The peace and quiet in Haad Yao & Srithanu village, make it an ideal place to find yourself and the abundance of spiritual awakening opportunities with many visiting knowledgeable Guru's making this their favourite location across the globe. 

Anahata Yoga Shala is located on the West side of the island - where the sunsets -  right on the Haad Yao Beach where it is "Beautiful all the time" - Koh Phangan, Gulf of Thailand. 


Close by you can 24 minute walk, for experienced licenced drivers, rent a scooter, or a bicycle, or take one of the many taxi's driving by to take you to the famous Zen Beach - where you can join in on the daily Kirtan and musical Sunset Sessions on the beach over looking the blissful sunsets.  

Sri Thanu is also know as the Conscious Community - where most of the Yoga, Tantra and Vegan Conscious Restaurants and other intresting places and happenings of the island. 

About 20 minutes drive from Thong Sala - Pier and the main town.  Koh Phangan is a little smaller and far less developed than her sister island Koh Samui and much larger than Koh Tao. 

The elder Buddhist Monks belief is that Koh Phangan island carries the energy of Transformation  - and since it is located under many crystal rocks - it is no wonder that there is so much Yoga & Tantra on the magical island of Transformation.  Often "Farrang" (tourist - name in thai) come to the magical island of transformation - and don't want to leave - Koh Phangan is like "Hotel California"  - "you can check out any time ... but you can never leave"  People keep coming back and LOVE IT!  

Now is the perfect time for you to come and make your pilgramidge, with Anahata Yoga Shala on Koh Phangan your heart will open more than ever before!


Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Weather -

Koh Phangan, tropical jungle island in Thailand, very close to the Equator. 

The weather on Koh Phangan is best described by the average temperature of 25 ℃ – 34 ℃, with lots of sunshine, high humidity and, as the word tropical rainforest implies, the occasional showers. The average annual rainfall is about 1,800 millimeter, February has the lowest average of about 34 millimeter whereas November has the highest average of about 450 millimeter.  

The weather is pretty constant during the year but roughly there are three main seasons on Koh Phangan:

The dry season (mid December – April) when it is mostly dry and relatively cool

The hot season (April/May – September), when it can be very hot with occasional storms.

The wet season (October – mid December), when there can be a strong and windy monsoon and a lot of rain.  The last season 2016 the rain started middle December and ended late January.  The locals say this happens every 10-20 years.

Average temp daily


Precipitation: 2%

Humidity: 69%

Wind: 5 km/h

Average Monthly temperature in degrees celsius 

Month High / Low (°C)  Days of Rain per month

January 27° / 24°   10 days

February 28° / 24°   4 days

March 29° / 25°   4 days

Apri l30° / 25°   7 days

May 31° / 25°   13 days

June 30° / 25°  11 days

July 30° / 24°   12 days

August 30° / 25°   12 days

September 30° / 24°   11 days

October 29° / 24°   16 days

November 28° / 24°   17 days

December 27° / 23°   13 days

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