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Namaste Yogis, We welcome you upstairs.  

Please join our drop in yoga classes.  Arrive a few minutes before.  

We do not have a receptionist or any ladies working downstairs.  Speak to the teacher and make your payments to the teacher.  

We Just have a Yoga Shala Space upstairs, with the view that will make you feel happy and grateful for Mother Nature.

Please Kindly  READ until the bottom of this page -

to answer all your questions. 

Drop in Classes on the beach - No Bookings required

Just come to the Yoga Shala on the beach,
Leave your Shoes downstairs with the sand on the ground your shoes are safe,
bring your bag with yo

Come upstairs in Silence, respectfully to all others in meditation.

We have Yoga Mats - Please Help Yourself 
& Join the meditation to Connect to your True Nature 

Sat - Cit - Ananda
Soul/Truth - Consciousness - Bliss

Namaste - The Divine in Me Honours the Divinity in You! 

Book an Aerial Yoga Class in advance 

Bookings CLOSE 1 Hour before Class starts
to allow teachers enough time to drive to the Yoga Shala & Set-up the Hammocks

Scroll down below ⬇️ to scan the Whatsapp  bar code 
or Hit the button and Join our group 

All Drop-in Classes 400 thai bhat/person

PLEASE READ TO THE BOTTOM of the page to answer all your questions 

Scroll down to see our 

5/10/20/30 class packages /person
5 for 1750 = 350/class
10 for 3000 = 300/class
20 for 5000 = 250/class
30 for 6000 = 200/ class 

valid for 2 months for Long-term vistors.
No refunds (if you leave the island early) or 
discounts on the above already discounted price packages.

Scheduled Classes for December 2023

Anahata Yoga Shala December 2023.jpg
Anahata Yoga Shala Price List.jpg

Drop In Yoga Classes

"Drop in Yoga" NO bookings required - Just Show Up 5-10 minutes before class starts.

No Need to sms for regular yoga - Just arrive BEFORE CLASS STARTS


With Respect - For So many reasons - Do Not Disturb Class while in progress!!!

Everything you need to know is on the website.  We do not have a reception area 

We choose to Live away from the Rat Race

we Foreigner teachers left behind in the West purposely to live here

& Welcome You to Paradise

Leave all your over thinking back in the western world - for your future self

& Come back to your true nature 

Soul Consciousness & Bliss. Find a Routine & a New Healthy Regime

  All levels welcome

Monday to Sunday - 7 days a week.

8.30 - 10am. Hatha / Vinyasa Flow

7 mornings/week - No bookings required.  

10.30-12pm. Vinyasa Power Yoga

Monday + Wednesday + Friday with Irene

Drop Ins - "drop in class" No bookings required. 

10.30am-12pm. Hatha / Yin Flow 

Tuesday + Thursday with Map

Drop-in No bookings required. - Beginners All Welcome

12.30-1.45pm.  Aerial High Hammock

Mon + Wed + Friday 

Bookings required. 1 hour before Class starts

SMS Whatsapp Group.  Name/s time & date

Beginners All Welcome

10.30-11.45am.  Aerial High Hammock


Bookings required. 1 hour before Class starts

SMS Whatsapp Group.  Name/s time & date

Beginners All Welcome

4.00 - 5.30pm. Aerial Yin Yoga. 

Monday + Wednesday + Friday afternoons. 


Bookings required.  1 hour before Class starts

SMS Whatsapp Group. Name/s time & date

Beginners All Welcome


4.00 - 5.30pm. Yin Yoga. 

Tuesday & Thursday afternoons. 

Restorative - "drop in class" No bookings required. 

Limited Hammocks for Aerial Yoga -

- Please check our current schedule -  we only have a limited number of spaces for Aerial Yoga,

Please BOOK 1 hour  in Advance ONLY for Aeiral Yoga via

Whatsapp  Scan the bar code below only  SMS (NO Calls!)


Name or Names of persons 

date & time

All our yoga & AERIAL Yoga classes are good for beginners to advanced.

 We have yoga mats and equipment.   Everyone is Welcome. 

All people; all cultures, all languages, all countries, all colours,

 all genders, all ages from 13 years.

- EQUALITY for All -

5 or 10 or 30 classes Covers all Aerial & Yoga Classes  as they are the SAME PRICE.

CASH ONLY or local Thai Bank Account - Scan Pay

Please Pay the Teacher

After you have Cleaned Your Mat & hang up to dry etc

Thank You Kindly

400/person for 1 class = thai. bhat/person

350/person - 5 class package = 1750 thai. bhat/person

300/person - 10 class pack = 3000 thai. bhat/person

"Monthly Class Pack" 30 drop in Yoga Classes

6000 thai bhat. = 30 classes / thai. bhat/person

- Valid for 2 months from date of purchase.

Please speak to Any of the Yoga Teachers after your class about the price packages

Thank You. Namaste



Good Morning Hatha/Vinyāsa Yoga
Monday to Sunday 8.30 -10am. No Booking - Just Arrive

Vinyāsa in sanskrit means - synchronized movement with breath in a special way.  Vinyasa like ashtanga, holds the poses for 5 breaths before smoothly flowing to the next pose. Building up the practise to a dyanmic pose.  Mixed with moments of Hatha, where we hold the poses a little longer than the fast past of Hatha - the teachers mix the 2 depending on the students levels.


Hatha Yin Flow. Tuesdays & Thursdays
10.30am-12pm  No bookinngs required


Hatha hold the poses a little longer than Vinyasa and not as fast as Vinyasa.  Mixed with Yin poses its a beautiful way to stretch into the day.

Increase in focus and relaxation. Hatha yoga class sequences target areas of the body that hold the most tension and stress, like the shoulders, hips, and lower back, promoting relaxation in the body and mind.

Hatha yoga can also help boost abdominal strength and improve balance in less than a month of regular practice.

AnahataYOga Shala IreneVinyasa.PNG

Vinyāsa Power Yoga. Mondays + Wedesdays + Fridays 

10.30-12pm. Just arrive - no bookings

Vinyāsa in sanskrit means - synchronized movement with breath in a special way.  Vinyasa like ashtanga, holds the poses for 5 breaths before smoothly flowing to the next pose. Building up the practise to a dyanmic pose.  Mixed with moments of Hatha, where we hold the poses a little longer than the fast past of Hatha - the teachers mix the 2 depending on the students levels.

Yin Yoga and Restorative. Tuesdays &  Thursdays
4-5.30 pm (90min) Drop in. No bookings required

The Benefits of Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a Restorative Yoga class.  Supported with cushions, blocks & straps students are positioned comfortably to hold the poses for upto 4-5 minutes per asana.

Extended holding time, deepens the stretches of the muscles releasing many tense knots in the muscles when done regularly.

Yin yoga uses gentle, relaxing postures to alleviate tension, enhance breath awareness, and develop mindfulness.

Working with a specialized breathing to activate the vagus nerve, parasympathetic nervous system to Relax...  there by allowing your muscles to stretch even deeper and release all the toxins with gentle guided breathing techiques while you go deeper into a meditative state, listening to the waves, birds and nature around you.

Yin yoga may also help to:

  • balance emotions, increases balance and bodily awareness, enhance mental focus.

  • promote relaxationreleases tension, improve sleep.

  • improve flexibility, stretch connective tissue, boost circulation.

  • develop breath awarenessrelieves joint pressure and spinal compression

  • Enhances core strength, easier access to inverted postures

  • Improves breath awareness, releases endorphins.

Classes are suitable for beginners and people out of recovery.  Classes last 90 minutes and include pranayama breathing exercises.

Anahata Yoga Shala Aerial Yoga Course.png
Captura de pantalla 2023-03-29 a las 18.43.01.png

Aerial Yoga High Hammock

12.30h. Monday Wednesday, Friday// 10.30h Saturday
Aerial Yoga HIGH Hammock - all levels-
Book your space - via Whatsapp Scan the code below 

The Benefits of  Aerial Yoga 

High Hammock Aerial Yoga requires a certain amount of flexibility & Fitness as it Deepens the stretches.


Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger.

Releases tension. Increases balance and bodily awareness. Enhances core strength. Improves breath awareness. Easier access to inverted postures. Releases endorphins.

Limited number of silk Hammocks. Book your space in advance.

Thank You. Namaste

Aerial Yoga.jpg

Aerial Yin Yoga. Mon + Wed + Fri. 4-5.30pm
Restorative Aerial Yoga - great for beginners
Book your space in advance SMS - via Whatsapp GROUP

The Benefits of Aerial Yin Yoga 

Fitness Deepens stretches.

Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger.

Releases tension. Increases balance and bodily awareness. 

Enhances core strength.

Improves breath awareness. Easier access to inverted postures.

Releases endorphins.

Limited number of silk Hammocks, Book your space in advance.

We offer regular "low Hammock" Aerial Yin Yoga -.

We do not have good cell phone coverage for phone calls -

To BOOK your Hammock - space


Thank You, Namaste


Anahata Yoga Shala
Koh Phangan, Thailand


Located on the beach at Sandy Bay Resort, (Right next to Seaboard Bungalows.)

Kindly Park at Sandy Bay Resort, walk towards the beach, you will see us upstairs... BEST VIEW EVER!

Yoga Etiquette

What is Yoga?
To be United and be in Harmony with our Mind, with our Emotions and our bodies.
“Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha,” is stated in the First of the 198 verses
Yoga Sutra 1.2. The heart o
f what Patanjali is addressing here is our consciousness as human beings.

The Sanskrit phrase “yogas chitta vritti nirodha” is commonly translated as 
“yoga is the stilling or controlling of the modifications or fluctuations of the mind.”


Word for word translation of yoga sutra 1.2

  • Yogas — To yoke, to join, to unite

  • Chitta — Mind, consciousness

  • Vritti — Modifications, fluctuations

  • Nirodha — Controlling, quieting of

Other popular translations

  • Yoga is the control of thought-waves in the mind. —Swami Prabhavananda

  • The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga. —Swami Satchidananda

  • Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward an object and sustain that direction without any distractions. —T. K. V. Desikachari

Yoga Etiquette

1.) Be Mindful - Be Aware of others, other than yourself, with Respect.


2.) Leave Shoes DOWN Stairs - Not in the way where people walk.  We never practice Yoga with our shoes on.  Shoes bring in dirt onto the floor and we will lie on that floor and inhale the dirt. Yoga is never done with shoes or socks on.

3) Silence - Mouna in Sanskrit.  Come in to the space with Awareness, softly and quietly.  Yoga is about stilling the mind; be mindful of your neighbours and the world around us.  Some Yogis are arriving early 10 minutes and meditating,  Respect the Sacred Space and learn to Still your mind and be more mindful, concsious and aware, this will help you listen to the instructions given by the teacher and focus on your practice for you to get the "de-stressing" benfits of your yoga class.  No talking, as it is disrespectful to the others, yourself and the teacher.

4.) Empty Stomach - this means, No Coffee, Food, Snacks - with respect your stomach should empty 2-3 hours before with no heavy food.  It is ok to have a coffee 30 minutes before, just not in the Yoga Shala.  Of course you can bring your water.  

5.).  Cell Phones on Silent.  With Respect ask the teacher for permission and other students if they dont mind being filmed in your videos and photos.  Most people say yes - just every so often there's a No and this life. Respect and Accept.

6.) Respect Yourself  - Respect Others - Respect the Space, the Environment around you,  The Kingdom of Thailand and the Thai Culture and the Earth.

7.)  Honor Your Bodies Daily Limits, knowing this too shall pass.  Some days you have incredible energy and some days you have low energy and wake up with sore shoulder or something else.... Be in that moment, drop your ego and remember you are capable, surrendering to allowing the body to heal and enjoy.


8)  Drop Your EGO in the sea to chill .... and leave your shoes down stairs, come  up stairs get your yoga mat, some cushions/pillow, a strap and a block.  Sit up comfortably and Focus on your breath equal inhale equal exhale - think TRANQUILITY and Relaxation.

9.). After the "Asana" Practice  (Sanskrit word for "comfortable pose/position") the Miraculous capability of the body to Self-Heal is only truly possible if we take the short time to "rest and re-charge"  Welcome to ... Shivaasana translated into "corpse pose" forget about everything and surrendre - relax - freedom! When you wake-up your should feel refreshed and Re-Born.

10.)  Namaste - The Divine Sacred Soul Self, in me Honours and Bows to the Divine Sacred Soul Self in you.

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