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News Update Covid 2020 - WE GOING OnLine

26 July 2020- 

All people going into 7-11 & other public malls indoor etc are expected to wear masks and get checked for temperature etc.  With regards to our visas, all  foreigners still in Thailand are given amnesty until 26 September 2020.  Currently there are NO International OPEN Flights to Thailand for tourists.  

The latest around the globe - South Africa , India and a few other countries are,  still under LOCKDOWN.  This past week, more cities within Europe went under Lockdown.  The fact is that the second wave is already happening.  What we hear ... now facts or certainty about exactly when the international borders will open in Thailand, some are saying 2021 March.

Arriving in Thailand 2015 July - 5 years later, I am staying on the island.  Anahata Yoga Shala was created 7-11-2016.  November 2019, we moved into our current new one and only beautiful Yoga Shala on the beach.  Started to build the Yoga Shala and in February 2020, we could officially starting enjoying the Seaview beautiful new Yoga Shala.  Having just finished paying the builders for the work in March 2020... and then along came COVID .... as they say ... Life goes on... we adapt or die ... nothing according to Yoga Philosophy is permanent and CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT GUARANTEE... and of course Karma & Non-Attachment.  Finding new ways of expressions our passions through the current life situations is exciting and inviting new more potential of us connecting with each other.  What have we learnt from this experience,... we don't need to consume and socialise as much as we unconsciously do.  Stopping shopping ... has saved the planet, given Mother Earth a space for sacred healing ... Families got to spend more time with each other.  I know got to connect with so many people  from all over the world ... for once in a long time ... I had time to spend laughing talking listening sharing and caring.  Learning to nature ourselves and feed our souls again.  Sadly some did not enjoy the lockdown as much as others did.  Saw some very afraid spirts who had lost courage of all the truth and illusions.  Spending time in solitude - meditation you can FEEL THE TRUTH ... & there is nothing to worry about ... non of us are getting out of this the same way we went into this ... what once felt right .... now feels so wrong ... and new ways of being are instantly created ... The Age of Aquarius has begun, the Ley Lines, the streaming of informations from above, below, within without ... all around us, as we are all individually and collectively navigate ourselves and our stale soul contracts that need closing ... in order for us to be as LIGHT as a feather ... when we cross over that bridge to New Age ... New day... where we are all expression our highest potential for the greater good of our selves ... for the collective whole ... supporting each other highest expressions in TRUTH - LOVE - SIMPLICITY 

Our RYT200 - Yoga Alliance certified - Tantra Vinaysa Hatha Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training will be hosted online.  We will have live sessions via zoom.   Vanessa Burger will be the Lead Teacher, along with her daughter Tegan Burger - (Yoga Teacher and RYS200 in South Africa) will teach various segments.  

Walter Barffio, (Vedic Astrologer and Tantra / Life Coach - RYT200 Yoga Teacher)  will teach Yoga Philosophy, via videos lectures and live Zoom sessions.

All session to be recorded, so if any students have tech issues etc they will be able to get the full class on video.  

Anahata Yoga Shala will offer Yoga & Cooking Virtual  Retreats - 

Tantra Womens Virtual Retreats.  If there are any men feeling the call for Tantra / Shamanic Shadow Mens Groups, please feel free to email us with the subject :

"Tantra / Shamanic Shadow Mens Groups"

for more informations and your available times and your TIME ZONES.

We will be WELCOMING People from all around the world, all shapes, sizes, colours, religions, background stories and ages.  Please feel free to send us an email, if you are interested in joining one of our retreats, send us your locations, time zones and which retreats are you  interested  in, and we will send you details and further instructions.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Anahata Yoga Shala is a heart centric healing centre based on loving interpretation of yogic teachings. We love yoga for the asanas but even more for the magic it reveals to us. We deeply believe in and embrace chakras, nadis, mudrahs, bandhas, prana, energy, universal and cosmic. We believe the heart was created to be open so we can connect more freely to each other and to the infinite. So have created a unique space to allow everyone to come and explore their loving potential. 

Situated on the North West of Koh Phangan on Haad Yao Beach, Sandy Bay Resort. just off the Coast Road we are Blessed to be only a few meters away from the sea, which every evening is treated to a new magnificent sunset. Being on the coast road means we are moments away from many amenities such as restaurants and accomodations, we are in the perfect position to be found easily, just a 10 minute taxi ride from the main ferry dock. 

We are offering many different styles of Yoga so everyone can come and share the joy. Our teachers are heart centered and love yoga so much they decided to devote their life to it, to share with and heal everyone they can. We take time and patience to choose exactly the right teachers to join our team to ensure this is a magical life journey for us all.

The Shalas are equipped with mosquito nets all around meaning there are no mosquitos to interrupt your yoga practicen while ensuring some airflow too. We love the peace and quiet of these spaces and invite you to experience for yourself the deep and relaxing calm of our unique environment. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle, of the world Anahata Yoga Shala offers you the opportunity to grow the peace and space in your own heart that yoga is famous for.

We provide mats for you and invite you to come and share our light and love of yoga practice. We are the perfect place to practice yoga on your holiday in Thailand and if you find yourself lucky enough to spend time living in here we encourage you to join us with a monthly pass.




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