Tantra for One

Starting Valentines Day
Monday - 14 February 2023
8pm Bangkok time
Online - part time workshops

Love your Body, Heal your mind, Free your Soul

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Tantra for Beginners - Sacred Conscious Sexuality 

SEX sells, people are often using sex to get attention, ton control & dominate.

Sex is just a small % of Tantra.  It is like the ⭐️  on top of the Christmas tree, there is so much more that goes into getting the right tree, the decorations before you put the final star on top.

Image by Lenstravelier

Learn a deeper authentic original Tantra and many different ancient Tantric exercies for you to boost your own self-confidence, self-esteem, self-LOVE.  So many Tantric workshops are based on SEX, being a better lover, having longer orgasms, yet forget to clear the baggage and that baggage follows you until you are willing to really face it and deal with it - upack the burden.  Discovering who you are and you are not.  Path of self-realization.  Tantric Science is an old proved method around for over 1000's of years.

Once you do, you may realise how easy it actually is, if you are just willing to "do the work". Being Present for yourself, Showing up for yourself.

Then you wont need to be "looking for love" all will fall into perfect Divine Order, so that you will eventually attract your ideal partner, who wont be giving you all the same headaches from the past, as you will both be more consciously awake and aware & present for each other.

This is a course for singles (or couples) - it is designed to take you deeper into your true self - your Sacred Soul Self.  To discover the best versions of yourself.  Releasing the parts of your old self with love.  Learning to let go of things which no longer serve us.

With very simple daily easy exercises done 2 x a day. Along with other Tantric rituals you can learn to perform for yourself.

Practise will make perfect.  Tantric Kriya Yoga - Active meditations - not the type that you sit still and try and keep your mind still, which challenges most of us today esepcially with so much going on in the current world of affairs.

Along with a tour of the energy systems of our bodies, the 7 chakras; the 5 senses; the masculine & feminine energy our right and left brain; our nervous systems; our heart - electro magenetic energy.

With the current global situations, life has changed, we have health issues from physical, mental & emotional.  How did we get here?  How do we get out of this state of suffering, confusion and delusions.  The world as we know it has changed, we are all living in the most pivotal time for humanity.  Prophesied in so many of the ancient philosophies of a new earth.  Taking the time out to reevaluate ones past and see what is working in our lives, and what can be changed is the path of self-realization, which is the path to enlightenment. 

It begins with you and ends with you.

When we ignore the subtle messages of our emotions our feelings our mind gets distracted and disturbed.  If we ignore the feelings and the thoughts our bodies express in stress.  We create discomfort and this may eventually manifest as a disease in the physcial body.

Learn the simple way of living a life with meaning and appreciation of the divine in everything.

Ways to raise your vibrations - with recommendations for nutrition (not compulsory as it is a challenge and everyone is free to choose)  He who can cotrol his cravings can MASTER all aspects of life.  Yet the nutrition does affect everything else within the mind and emotions, expressing in the body in behaviors and dis-ease.  We will give you the various foods chart as accoding to the Ancient Yogic diets of raising your energy. Food that heal and foods that kill.  

Sometimes, just doing the active meditation will lead your body to reject many foods, especially if you have been wanting to do a detox, and this has been playing on your mind, directed by your heart, your body will eventually act in harmony with the hearts Divine Will.

These practices will help you discipline yourself.  + Calm the mind, parasympathetic nervous systems, vagus nerve,  + Balance your emotions & thoughts + Boost your immune systems + Restore your energy system, to its ultimate.  Taking your power back and not giving it away to fears.

Balancing your emotions & thoughts with your True Divine Intelligent nature.

3 Modules over a 8 week cycles each.

Starting Monday Valentines Day - 14 February 2023 at 8pm Bangkok time: durations will depend on how many participants in total, giving enough to allow those who feel like sharing/feedback, their profound experiences.

1 live session a week, same time, live streaming via zoom - Filled with deep profound talks, fun, laughter, sharing and caring.  Moving Energy with breathing, dancing and music.

Those who miss the live sessions will get partial recordings - as we are not allowed to record music/dancing due to copyrights.  You will get the music play list, as this is part of the process.  To respect all participants we will not do video recordings and only make Audio.

Audio recordings of the live sessions talks & discussions, will be made for the participants, present and for those who were unable to make it for whatever reasons,  for their own use and benefits.

Live practices & talks on the various topics, of the world of Energy & Consciousness from Tantra - Spiritual Sciences & Shamanic cultures - related to the energy of Great Mother Earth and our bodies + the workbook of all the topics and practices, the benefits and a step by step, progessive, how to guide.

Pre-recorded short easy videos for your daily practice, will be given to assit you on the journey.  Each Module 1 - 2 - 3 will be different as they are progressing into some juicy exciting "self-healing-pleasing" Charkra Vibration Meditation Rituals, which will happen in module 3.  

The participants who complete all 3 Modules will be able to be more open for the couples practices in the future Tantra events and have a better understanding of how to do the ultimate "Yab-Yum" Tantric Kriyas.

This is a lovely safe sacred space and preparations for any participants who have never been to a live Tantric workshop and would be better prepared in their future.

After the Module 1-2-3 what happens next?

The next step - 2024 Anahata Yoga Shala will host a live Tantra workshop, for the participants of the Module 1-2-3 only - and exclusively, here on the island of Koh Phangan Thailand.  You will have the blessed opportunity to meet your fellow Tantrikas who have been on the same path and journey with you for the last 12 months, in the flesh on the magical mystical tropical jungle island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

This live event, will be exclusively to the participants of the Modules 1-2-3 - Creating Safe Sacred Space of "Trust & Love".  To have a special level of Consciousness & the Same Vibrations with all the participants who have been doing the work together.

Namaste - The Divine within me Honours the Divine within You!

Not to worry if you are single, we are creating a nice safe sacred space to mingle.  Even if you are just doing the practice with the same sex women to women or man to man etc;  these have been some of the nicest intresting experiences, as we learn to "Let go" of any expectations and just exchange energy cousciously with full awareness and presence.  

This workshop will also give you a good basic foundations and understanding of the various colours and paths of Tantra should you ever wish to go to any other international Tantra event, you will at least be more mentally & emotionally prepared and grounded within yourself.

Contact Vanessa Burger to Apply.

Pre-Registration will be necessary before payments.  Email Vanessa, ask any questions that you may have.  She will give you a Applications Form.  Once we have recieved your Applications for Registration we will let you know if all is in order and you may go ahead and Reserve your sacred space with your payments.  This is open to all nationalities, sexual preferences/orientations; gay / lesbian; celibate; old; young; married; single; divorced; just be in your heart, open and honest with yourself and all others.


in Truth - Love - Simplicity 

Module 1
14 February - 4 April 2023
Module 2
6 June - 25 July 2023
Module 3
26 September - 14 November 2023
Image by Aaron Burden

Deconstruction of our Beliefs


7 Chakra Energy systems

14 February - 4 April 2023

8 weeks

$144 Module 1


Harmonizing the Polar Opposites


Masculine & Feminine Energy

6 June - 25 July 2023

8 weeks

$144 Module 2

Image by Gayatri Malhotra

Co-existing & Living in Blissful Awareness 


26 September - 14 November 2023

8 weeks

$144 Module 3