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RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training 

with TeganB Yoga  
June 2025

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Tegan Sammons is a seasoned yoga instructor with over a decade of experience, driven by herpassion for holistic well-being. She believes yoga is a journey of inner peace and connection. Through her nurturing classes, she guides students of all levels to explore their practice with confidence and curiosity.

Tegan's journey began with a 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2011, followed by a 200-hour. Ashtanga immersion in 2012 and a transformative 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training in 2013.

Further enhancing her expertise, she completed a rigorous 300-hour Jivamukti Training in 2015 and a 50-hour Budokon Training in 2016 as well as another 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2020.   Her dedication extends beyond formal training, as she remains a committed student of yoga. Through her blog and audio classes, Tegan invites others to join her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

About the Course 2025 June Thailand

Escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Thailand

and embark on a month-long journey of self-

discovery and transformation through yoga. Guided

by the seasoned wisdom of yoga teacher Tegan

Burger, this immersive training promises an enriching

blend of profound learning, joyful exploration, and

reverence for the timeless traditions of yoga.

From the moment you step into our tranquil retreat

space, you'll be welcomed into a nurturing

environment carefully crafted by Tegan to foster

inclusivity, safety, and genuine connection. Here,

amidst the serene beauty of Thailand, you'll have the

opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the practice

of yoga while embracing a spirit of playfulness and


Anahata Yoga Shala Koh Phangann island Thailand.JPG

Course Overview

Yoga Philosophy 

Yoga Philosophy

Students will explore the

philosophical underpinnings of yoga

concepts such as dharma, karma, and

the interconnectedness of all beings

will be examined, providing a solid

framework for understanding the

deeper dimensions of the practice.


Breath control (Pranayama) is vital in

yoga. Participants will explore various

breathing techniques to enhance

mental clarity, relaxation, and well-

being. Through guided practice,

students will deepen their

understanding of the breath's role in

yoga and integrate these techniques

into daily life.

Posture Break

In our posture breakdown sessions,

students will gain a thorough

understanding of key yoga postures

(Asanas), including their alignment,

benefits, and contraindications.

Through detailed instruction and

hands-on practice, participants will

learn how to guide students safely

and effectively through various poses.


Meditation practices are foundational

in yoga. Students will explore

techniques to cultivate inner peace

and mindfulness. Through guided

sessions, participants will develop

skills to quiet the mind and access

deeper states of consciousness,

integrating these practices into daily

life for inner calm and resilience.

Anahata Yoga Shala Koh Phangann island Thailand.JPG

Teaching Methodologies

This training program focuses on

developing effective teaching skills,

including lesson planning, class

sequencing, and student engagement

strategies. Through practical

exercises and peer feedback,

students will learn how to create a

supportive and inclusive learning

environment that caters to diverse

student needs.


Participants will delve into the

fascinating world of chakras, the

body's energy centers. Through a

blend of theoretical study and

experiential practices, students will

gain insight into the seven main

chakras and their significance in

holistic well-being. Emphasis will be

placed on understanding how

imbalances in these energy centers

can affect physical, emotional, and

spiritual health, and techniques will be

explored to restore balance and



In this section, participants will learn

safe and appropriate hands-on

adjustments to support students in

their yoga practice. Through

demonstration, practice, and

feedback, students will develop the

skills and sensitivity needed to

provide effective adjustments,

fostering deeper connections and

understanding of the postures.


Crafting well-balanced and creative

yoga sequences is an art form that

students will master in this segment.

Through practical exercises and

theoretical study, participants will

learn how to design sequences that

flow seamlessly, offering a dynamic

and engaging practice experience for

students of all levels.


Students will explore the concept of

bandhas, or energy locks, which play

a crucial role in yoga practice.

Through guided instruction and

practice, participants will learn how to

engage and control these internal

energy locks to enhance stability,

strength, and focus in their practice.

Practical techniques will be taught to

cultivate awareness of the bandhas

and integrate them seamlessly into

yoga postures and breath work.

The Business of Yoga

This segment offers practical insights

into establishing and managing a

successful yoga business. Participants

will explore key aspects such as

marketing, branding, studio

management, and client relations. By

the end of the course, students will be

equipped with the essential tools and

strategies needed to thrive in the

competitive field of yoga


About this Teacher Training

Dive deep into the heart of Vinyasa with our internationally recognised 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, accredited by Yoga Alliance. This immersive journey is not just a pathway to becoming a certified yoga teacher; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of your practice, guided by the serene beauty of Koh Phangan.  Experience the wisdom and passion of Tegan Sammons, a distinguished yoga educator with over 1,000 hours of training and 12 years of teaching experience. Having guided more than 300 students on their paths to becoming yoga teachers, Tegan  brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and heartfelt dedication to this training. Her teaching style is nurturing yet transformative, ensuring a deep and meaningful exploration of yoga.

Set against the backdrop of Koh Phangan’s breathtaking beaches, our yoga shala offers an unparalleled setting for your training.

Imagine flowing through your asanas as you gaze upon crystal blue waters, the rhythm of your breath synchronised with the gentle lapping of waves. With accommodation right next door, you’re never far from the comfort and tranquility you need after a day of deep learning and practice.


What’s Included:

A comprehensive 200-hour curriculum that covers all aspects of Vinyasa yoga, including posture, alignment, sequencing, and the philosophical foundations of yoga.  Daily brunch on training days, providing nutritious fuel for your body and soul.


15 group dinners, offering a chance to bond with your fellow trainees and soak in the vibrant local culture Off days to explore the stunning beauty of Koh Phangan, from its serene beaches to its lush jungle trails.

This training goes far beyond teaching you how to lead a safe and effective yoga class. It’s an invitation to embark on a personal journey of transformation.

Through intensive practice, self-inquiry, and community connection, you’ll uncover deeper layers of yourself and the profound essence of the yoga tradition.

By the end of our time together, you’ll not only be equipped to share your passion for yoga with others but also hold a richer understanding of this life-changing practice.


Whether you’re aspiring to become a yoga teacher or seeking to deepen your personal practice, this 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth, discovery, and connection.

With the guidance of Tegan Sammons and the support of alike-minded community, you’re set for an incredible journey of learning, transformation, and adventure.  Secure your spot and begin the journey to discovering your fullest potential, both on and off the mat.


We can’t wait to welcome you to the magical shores of Koh Phangan, where your transformative journey awaits. ACCOMMODATION - SANDY BAY

This is family-run hotel and offers a variety of accommodation options, from comfortable rooms to spacious bungalows. Conveniently located next door to the yoga Shala where the training will be held.  This hotel is the perfect choice for participants seeking convenience and relaxation. Enjoy our peaceful atmosphere, sparkling pool, and delicious restaurant overlooking the ocean.

SandyBay ResortMap.jpg

Rooms - Sandy Bay Resort 

FAN BUNGALOW 400-1200/Night

These rooms are a walk up the hill from the yoga shala with the ocean below.  This is an affordable option with a fan bungalow no air conditioning. You also have the option to share this room with another participant and share the room rate.

FAN Bungalow Anahata Yoga Shala.jpg
FanBungalow Anahata Yoga Shala.jpg

Air-Conditioned Bungalow


These rooms are a walk up the hill from

the yoga shala with the ocean below.

This is an affordable option with air

conditioning. You also have the option to

share this room with another participant

and share the room rate.


2nd Row - Beach Front AC Bungalow

2300-3400 bhat/night

These bungalows are on the second row

along the beach. They have air

conditioning and more privacy. You also

have the option to share this room with

another participant and share the room


Beach Bungalow2ndRow.jpg

FRONT Row - Beach Front AC Bungalow

2800-3500 bhat/night

These bungalows are right on the beach,

they are a short walk to the yoga shala

and they have air conditioning. You also

have the option to share this room with

another participant and share the room


BeachFront Bungalows.heic
Luxury AC Beach Bungalow_edited_edited.png
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